10 Sweet Free Fonts for Making Zines!

These fonts are great for making paste-up zines, but they can also add kind of a paste-up style to a zine that is put together on the computer. I'm partial to paste up zines myself, so I like the idea of printing some of these out for borders, titles, etc., and combining them with hand-written, collaged and typewriter-written material. One of the fonts is a typewriter font that I really like-- but I prefer to use it for larger titles and do the actual bulk of the typewritten text on a real typewriter. Just my preference.

I hope these are helpful! I haven't included really sketchy, "handwritten" type fonts even when they resemble the kind of hand-drawn style seen in zines, because, well, why not just do it by hand? I included free fonts that actually add to what you can do with your zine.

Note: The images for this post were lost (See Google Privacy Controls Suck: Or, Why There Are No Pictures Anymore.) Sorry! These are all great fonts and I hope you will still check them out.

Woodcut1: A free font with woodcut images of people and beasts. The font features art for lowercase letters a-i and uppercase A-C. Download

Picture Squares: A font with people holding blank boards and cards so that you can add your own message. Features art for all of the uppercase letters, and one image for all of the lowercase. Download

Orial is just a very pretty font that would look good in large sizes. Includes all uppercase and lowercase letters and many characters. Download

Vintage Erotique is a beautifully executed font with ladies and a few gentlemen lounging on the letters of the alphabet. Includes the full uppercase set. Download

License Plates is one of my favorite fonts. It's a little memory-intensive, so it may not load up as well in programs like MS Paint. Maybe cool for traveling zines. Download

Aierbazzi is a font with characters that look like twigs, grass, dry flowers, and branches.  When typed into a program like Photoshop, each character overlays on top of the previous one, so that you get the "bunched" look seen above. When used in simpler programs like MS Paint, the characters print one after another. Download

Astrodings is a font with suns and moons and associated artwork. It is a big library, with images for all uppercase and lowercase letters and the numbers. Nice and clear at large and small sizes. Download

Loverboy has distressed heart letters for the uppercase set and a nice sort of rough set of plain capital letters for the lowercase set. Download

Pulse Sans Virgin is a rough, distressed, dynamic font with a heartbeat/barbed wire looking line running through the letters (and also the space/space bar, so you can use just the heartbeat line if you want.) Download

Mom's Typewriter is one of my favorite fonts. It's a nice, gritty typewriter font from an inky typewriter. It doesn't work very well for small text (for that you'd probably want to use a real typewriter or a cleaner typewriter font) but it's great for titles. Download

Hope you enjoyed this collection of zine fonts!


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