About The Alchemist's Closet

The Alchemist's Closet is a blog exploring queer, trans, feminist, anti-oppression, dis/ability, religious topics and more with an attempt to do so in new, integrated, and alchemical ways. It's also a zine distro distributing queer, trans, feminist, anarchist, punk and pagan zines since 2008.

Both blog and distro are run by me, Dylan, with occasional guest writers, reblogged content, and with the incredible contributions of lots of zine writers and publishers.

About me: I reside in a small, working class city in central Maine, where I live in an economically cooperative house.

I've been part of the queer and trans community for 10+ years.
I started publishing my first zine at 15I started The Alchemist's Closet zine distro and blog in 2008. I currently publish the Alchemical Postmodern Theorist (APMT) which comes out about once every few years. I call it, loosely, a journal of queer possibility. And queer in the largest possible sense: what I'm interested in really is the alchemical intersections of all different types of material and parts of life and consciousness. (If you're curious what alchemy might have to do with all this, I wrote a little essay on that.)


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