Universal Marriage Now!

I have so far been silent on the "Gay Marriage" issue in Maine, but it is time for me to be heard!
This has gone way to far for me to not comment. I know that I've said I don't think we should fight for gay marriage because it's fighting for inclusion in a very limited, unfairly privileged, state-sanctioned familial arrangement that has historically been based around the transfer of women as property. And I know that I said that the fight for gay marriage was fundamentally classist and racist in that it identifies an issue pertinent to middle class white gays and lesbians as being representative of the whole gay rights struggle, while Black and Hispanic MSM and same gender loving men are being infected in record numbers by HIV, and queer youth lose vital resources. But the Christian right wing has gone too far, summoning out of state dollars and big lawyers to fight gay marriage in this sleepy little backwater state. So, I've decided--It's time for me to say...

Universal Marriage Now!

Let us all get married into One Big Union of Holy Matrimony. Let us all join the Industrial Lovers of the World.

Imagine climbing into one, big bed every evening with everyone you know. That will be what the world will be like once we have universal marriage.

Because that is what life is all about.

Love, and the people you love, and the people you do it with. I do not think at this point that we humans should marry the animals. I think they are not ready for our love.

So everyone, please go to the polls on November whatever, and vote NO on haters.

Say YES to universal homosexual marriage. 

When haters say, Hey, we don't want gay marriage, don't say, "Well, it doesn't affect you anyway!"

No. Tell them, "Too bad. We're going to force you to have one. We have already given your dowry to the Big Faggot Godhead." They will obey you.


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