Twocups on Chanting, Gender and Self

"I have heard it said, that religious communities that gave up using chant, did not fair well. This is not because "God" somehow was offended, or needs the
chants to be sung, but because we need it, as a tool of access.

Perhaps, the use of chant, is not entirely the same as what people think of as "music", even as archaic music. Perhaps it is not so much to create a tune, or
even to "listen" to while doing it.. but also, and more importantly, it is the use of a sacred form of vibration to influence various centers of the body....
to open up channels, or to sense them better when they are used.

In the process of circulating the Holy Spirit through the body, and its centers (The Cosmic Orbit of Prana, Chi.. or whatever works for you as you would
call it) along these lines, the use of chant, as vibration, can be most helpful. 

When this ability is experienced, it is usually as a revelation to the one
who first experiences it. We are more than just bodies.. we are as engines, or dynamos. Many people only seem to understand their bodies as a material "reality", but in these terms, do they realize "Who" they really are?... and how precious the time is that they have to discover this Truth? 

But please do not believe what I say, but find out for yourself who, and what you really are. If you open the flower, then it is as Light that emanates from you. Perhaps, in the beginning, people are first surprised to discover that they are really another gender, and then both genders...but later, can we come to see that there is no separation, and that even the old concepts, can be outgrown? another flower opens? Just some thoughts."

Twocups, Native American shaman

Twocups' reflections on gender and self were precious to me in my teens when I first encountered them in scattered fragments on the web. I still have no idea who Twocups is, or how s/he came to be quoted online by others, usually without context or explanation. Zir gentle reminders of the relativity of both self and gender serve as reminders that all of us, cis and trans, are drops in the pond of a much larger consciousness.


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