"Bisexuals" Mini Zine

This cute, hand-colored mini zine is about bisexuals and bisexuality-- the so-called "black sheep" of the queer community. Ursus defines the identity, describes problems with the label itself, but defends "bisexual" as a needed identity, despite the claims by some that it reinforces the gender binary. (Ursus doesn't stand for these claims, and until we have a better, commonly understood label available for our complex desires, neither do I.)

Ursus dispels myths about bisexuality, sexual fluidity and more. The last part of the zine has mini-bios and drawings of well-known bisexuals and a FAQ. Pretty cool, and covers a lot of ground for a mini-zine!

30 p./mini/hand-colored and stitched

Read more, see sample page and purchase: Bisexuals zine


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