Paper Monster Press

Paper Monster Press is a trans-genre (literature, art, music) indie  publishing outfit based in Cavite, Philippines.The press is currently holding a fundraiser on ArtisteConnect, which looks to be like a more international Kickstarter. The model is the same: If the project gains enough pledges by the deadline, they receive the whole amount (plus any amount over the goal).

Paper Monster Press is aiming to raise ₱50,000.00 ($1,200) to fund a year of publishing. But here's the cool thing: Donating to this project is hardly even a donation. They're compensating donors so well that it's basically like getting an awesome, reasonably priced zine pack plus free advertisements in their publications, and t shirts, art prints, and more. I threw in $23, which is worth it just for the 1/4 page ad (in Folklore Year) alone. But I also will get a bunch of zines, probably including ones I wouldn't normally come across in the states.

Anyway, here's the link. They have a ways to go before they reach their goal, but I hope they'll make it.


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