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In 2013, I'm really excited to stock a bunch of new zines. AC consigns zines by queers, trans people, feminists, anarchists and punks, among others. I am especially interested in consigning zines that are both political and personal, sexuality & gender topics in zines, and zines that are not carried by many other distros.

At this point in time, I would be delighted to stock up some more zines by trans* folks, genderqueers of all stripes, herbal medicine zines, zines about challenges around ability, and queer poetry.

I would encourage anyone who creates these kinds of zines to get in touch if they're interested in consigning or selling. If your zine doesn't quite fit the categories outlined above, please, please get in touch anyway. It never hurts to ask and this is just a guideline.

There are three options for getting your zine stocked at The Alchemist's Closet:

Buying Zines Outright

When I am very confident in a zine's ability to sell on my distro, feel it's an especially good fit, or have enough money on hand, I prefer to buy outright. Typically I will start with ten copies. I would like to keep up an ongoing relationship so that I can restock from you as needed and get new issues if the zine is part of a series. I pay via Paypal, check or concealed cash.


Consignment is an arrangement where you send me a number of your zines (five to ten to start with) at no cost to me. You are paid for zines sold on about the first day of each month. If your zine sells well, I'll reorder, buying outright if I can. I pay via Paypal.

Copied by me

The easiest option for some situations is to send me one copy of your zine. I will pay you for it and copy it, sell it, and use proceeds to cover my own costs. You don't have to do anything. I also do this with old zines where the zinester is no longer distributing or can't be located, to keep the material in older zines from being lost.

You don't get compensated, but you also don't have to bother with anything, and your zine will keep being distributed, even get sent to zine libraries and the like.

Zines at Alchemist's Closet

I make an effort to send zines to zine libraries and to prisoners. Most zines from Alchemist's Closet circa 2011/2012 are also in the University of Michigan library. Green Scare political prisoner Marie Mason has received zines from AC. I am passionate about promoting the work of the people whose zines are represented in AC and spreading their zines as far and wide as possible.

To get in touch, email with some info about your zine!
  • Subject matter & style
  • Size, number of pages, physical description or pic
  • Wholesale price (what you'd like to get for each zine)
  • Suggested retail price 
  • If it is sold elsewhere
  • A PDF if you have one (Totally OK if not)

    or send a copy to The Alchemist's Closet, 71 Division St., Bangor ME 04401.


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