Alchemist's Closet opening on Genderplayful Marketplace

I am so excited about the brand-new Genderplayful Marketplace! Genderplayful is a new community selling platform with hand-chosen sellers serving the trans, genderqueer, gender variant and gender playful community.

It's always a challenge for me to find clothes that fit me, both physically (as a small, masculine-dressing person) and mentally (I'm searching also for fashions that are different, that fit someone who is "other" gendered).

I would encourage anyone with a mind to make products or clothing for this community, or just with a fabulous closet to clean out, to get involved.

I have a Alchemist's Closet mini store on Genderplayful -  please take a peek! It's open for business and I have lots of neat stuff ready to ship.

I've also picked out some of my favorite stuff so far:

RAY top by komsi komsi

Chainmaille Bow Tie by Dapper Unicorn

Custom sparkle pronoun placard by Rowdy Baubles

IKE shirt by komsi komsi


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