Transgender Youth in School: Transition and Stealth

Transgender youth are transitioning, whether socially, medically, or both, earlier than has ever been possible before. Trans youth often face challenges associated with transitioning in school. Some youth and their families "go stealth," making sure no one knows about their trans status and that they can present publicly as the sex they identify as.

This is the issue explored in this podcast by the Trans Youth Equality Foundation. Their podcast, entitled Transwaves, looks like it will be a great resource for trans kids, families, allies and professionals who interact with trans kids. For trans people who transitioned later, or had to wait to come out socially for much longer, it's an interesting look into the changes that are coming.

I became familiar with TYEF when they inquired about using some photographs done of me as a trans teenager for their web site. This turned out to be an opportune intersection. The photographer, Jack Montgomery, is currently serving as co-executive director of TYEF. The other director, Susan Maasch, I had the pleasure of meeting when my zine nonprofit, INK! Youth Zine Project, helped to produce TYEF's first youth-driven zine, aimed at educating and expressing the trans youth experience to other trans kids, their families, and professionals in the medical establishment and other fields.

Check out their first podcast here, on the experience of a FTM trans guy and his mother reflecting on his school experiences, at times as an out trans youth and at times going stealth in the school system.


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